JK Robot

My name is Joe Wharton aka Jk-R0bot, I started djing when i was living in Australia, which has been home for the last 6 years.

I started out on an underground radio station in Perth, called the ‘backyard project’. I used to do the early morning set every Saturday and Sunday around 5:30am. I used to play a lot of minimal and minimal Techno to which I had a mini cult following, where I was nicknamed ‘minimal Joe’.

I gained Residency at Perth’s main house and tech club Geisha. Here I warmed up for the likes of Alex smoke, Ejeca and Guti to name a few.

Perth’s underground scene is continuously growing and developing, as it is worlds behind in comparison with any main city in Europe.

I like to think that myself and a handful of others helped to contribute to the Techno side of things and provide the people with a sound they had never heard and would later crave, in a way only true house/techno heads can understand.

My biggest musical influences are the likes of James Zabeila (absolute lord!!), Johannes Heil, Ricco Mazzer, Italoboyz and House Gods such as Green Velvet and Todd ‘the God” Terry. All these artists inspire me to play, create and develop a sound that is fresh on the ears but holds the reminence and the building blocks of where these genres originally came from.

My sole goal and vision in life is to become a Dj/producer which I will pursue until I fulfil this goal.

To me a Dj is not just there to mix tunes, he/she’s there to control the crowd the vibe and the success of the nightclub. You are the puppet master ….. these are your puppets!!

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